The Good Story Competition 2014
Winners and Finalists

Professional Category


From Trash to Treasure

Paul David Sarabia

Filmmaker: Filipino

Cause location: India

Father Anton Cruz had a life-changing moment when an orphan baby left on the roadside died in his arms. That encounter ignited him to start taking care of poor children considered part of the 'untouchables.' He has since helped 8,000 children in different parts of India. Now his aim is to give the lowest-caste children the highest standard of education through the Royal Kids School of Transformation - thereby radically altering the destiny of their lives.


Never Stop Dreaming

Samuel Ruby Rianto

Mission to Myanmar

Edwin Lee

Pradip Sarmah: Reinventing the Rickshaw to Drive Social Change

Alex Deturk, Cory Wilson, Damel Dieng and Elise Bish

Open Category


Unknown Faces

Mithran P

Filmmaker: Indian

Cause location: India

This video is about St. Joseph's Hospice in India that provides shelter, food, clothing, medical requirements and even manages last rites of the destitute and dying aged, who are sometimes mentally ill as well. The hospice operates an ambulance that picks up the destitute from roads, gutters and pavements upon instructions received over a call from passersby. They then clean, clothe and manage the individual till the end of their life. This video is an attempt to bring awareness to this tremendous work going unnoticed in society.​

4 Finalists

Just One Chance

Stephanie Theresa

Yellow Boat of Hope

Bernadine Bernardino

Pour un Sourine d’Enfant: From misery to skilled job

Bopha Sean

Find a Cause, Have an Effect: The Chain Reaction Project

Jeff Floro

Audience Choice

Salaam Baalak
- A hope, A path, A dream

Yogesh Maurya, Nishant Dhar, Ryan Dsouza, Nitish Thomas, Shawn Rego, Tany Joseph, Shalem Shelke
and Srijit Nair

Filmmaker: Indian

Cause location: India

This film revolves around an NGO named "Salaam Baalak Trust." The video shows how NGO Salaam Baalak Trust provides street children food, shelter, education, skill training, jobs. It teaches them the values of life, friendship, culture and gives them a sense of belonging.