The Good Story Competition is a celebration of creative and compelling video storytelling of everyday people in Asia doing good to improve the lives of others.

The competition encourages the development of authentic and entertaining storytelling skills of aspiring and professional content producers, including students, hobbyists and professional filmmakers from around the world, who want to tell the stories of people sparking change across Asia.

It also provides these inspiring people the opportunity to have their stories told by passionate and talented filmmakers, and shared through Our Better World’s distribution channels and partners to encourage others to help them in their cause.

Our Better World is an online storytelling initiative powered by the Singapore International Foundation. We bring together the magic of stories and the power of people to inspire change for a better world.

Nothing persuades as powerfully as a good story. It can emotionally engage and spur action towards social change and impact. It’s a force for good.

Our stories are produced to inspire everyone to act – whether it’s to donate, volunteer, share our stories to raise awareness for various causes, or even create your own project for good. We believe everyone can play a part to contribute in tangible ways.