The subject of the video should be an individual or a group of inspiring people doing good and fulfilling a need in Asia, or those whose lives have been changed by them. The non-profit or social enterprise featured should benefit from the exposure so that those who watch the video can help in tangible ways.


The tone of the video should be hopeful, accessible, appealing and inspiring to everyday people. The idea is to highlight efforts made, especially solutions in bleak situations, rather than use guilt as a tool. Creative and entertaining use of visuals, narrative and music are welcomed, together with emotional engagement and authentic storytelling – real stories of real people.


The goal of the video should be to inspire everyday people towards doing good and offer them tangible ways to contribute meaningfully to the non-profit or social enterprise featured.

Helpful Tips

Identify an inspiring person

Nothing is more moving than a personal story. Try to find someone who lives and breathes the cause, whose heart is clearly in line with the good they’re doing. Or you can tell the story of lives that have been changed by such people.

There are so many ways non-profits and social enterprises are improving the lives of others. They could be empowering youth at risk with skills in performing arts, providing a means of livelihood for families in natural disaster-hit areas or helping the disabled to be gainfully employed. There are many to choose from.

Let them know of your participation and get them excited!

If you win, they win! But we’re not only talking about prize money here. If they agree to you producing this video about the good work they’re doing, they can use it to market their cause, raise funds and recruit volunteers.

Plot the story flow

Decide on how you want to tell the story and plan accordingly. The more thought-through your story flow, the easier it is to know what you need to shoot and who you’re featuring in your story.

Schedule the shoot

Make sure you’ve locked in ample time for the shoot so that you avoid having to re-shoot later.

Clear the rights

Get permission for music and all other aspects of your video that are copyrighted. We suggest you clear them for “all media”. Alternatively, you can use royalty-free music.

Verify facts

Make sure that the information in your video is truthful and accurate.

Ready, set, edit!

Make sure you set aside enough edit time so you can make tweaks and improvements and submit your video on time!

Meet the deadline

Submission time! But first, make sure you’ve registered for the competition here:

Submit your video through these forms:

  • Open Category Video Submission Form (submissions are closed)
  • Professional Category Video Submission Form (submissions are closed)
  • Snail mail your video file on a thumbdrive or DVD to:
    The Good Story Competition
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If you have questions or need help with the competition, email us at

Happy storytelling!

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